Highland Gem Farm is a family-run farm located in Lanark Highlands specializing in high-quality pastured chicken, pork, and non-certified organic seasonal produce. Highland Gem serves the local community through two Community Support Agriculture (CSA) programs: Protein CSA and Winter Vegetable CSA as well as local farmers markets. Highland Gem Farm was established in 2017.

Highland Gem Farm produces high-quality, traditionally-raised farm products, without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms, hormones, or non-emergency antibiotics, while maintaining land integrity using environmentally sensitive and soil generating farming practices.

Erin Richan and Mac McCall-Glover are young, entrepreneurial, new farmers who are reviving the McCall-Glover family farm with a new business, Highland Gem Farm. They are united by their love of growing high quality food while maintaining land heritage and integrity under regenerative farm management. Combined they have over ten years of diverse, small-scale organic farming. 

Erin has apprenticed on successful farms and started a co-operative farm business. Mac has technical machine operation and repair skills in addition to farming experience growing up on a working organic livestock and maple syrup farm. They recognized that their combined skills provided the foundation needed to run a diversified farm business.